a collaborative social comment from Mazz Images and ethel yarwood enterprises
photography courtesy of Mazz Images
concept by Polly Tickle/lobbyist, "subvertisement" by Sue-Ellen Cox/artistic director for ethel yarwood enterprises
dated: April, 2002

Have you ever tried to estimate your breast size?  Well guess no more with the Wonderbra Bra Fit Calculator

Brad Johnston interviews Polly Tickle and Sue-Ellen Cox of ethel yarwood enterprises regarding the reasons behind the Blunderbra subvert for the June issue of BLUE Magazine.

Brad:- What was your initial reaction to the billboard?

Polly:- Well I first saw the billboard on Mardi Gras parade night and I must say that I was most annoyed.  What makes it even more galling is that Wonderbra obviously thought that using " gay in their ambush marketing campaign on its poster the Oxford was interests whereas The Sydney "Gay and Lesbian" Mardi Gras did not.  Did you notice the poster on the Oxford advertising the Mardi Gras party?  Gay and Lesbian were not even mentioned.  I mean, how far have we really advanced in 24 years if SGLMG cannot mention Gay and Lesbian on one of it's own posters on the gayest corner during the best and gayest festival in the world?

Brad:- What has been the reaction to your version?

Sue-Ellen:- After Mazz supplied us with the photo and I produced the Blunderbra "Subvert", it was sent out to our yarwood mailing list and posted on our web site (  Overall the response has been supportive however some people believe that the Wonderbra campaign is clever.

Polly:- I find it offensive and cliched.  The belief that a gay boy can be "cured" by a pert set of breasts.

Brad:- So, Oxford St - gay or not?

Polly:- Well it will always have a gay component but sadly it appears as this is becoming more diluted over the years.  I feel Oxford Street is gay when a business wants to make money from the gay community.  We had some merchandise in a shop on Oxford Street a few years back over the Mardi Gras period.  When the stock had depleted, Mark Downe/bargain basement inquired as to whether the proprietor was interested in restocking.  "We try not to hold too much gay related merchandise outside the Mardi Gras season," was the response.  This from a gay owned and operated business.  And if Mardi Gras can't spray a little urine around to mark out our territory during the festival, Oxford Street will become less so.  I think this is very indicative of the state of Oxford Street just now.

Brad:- Fancy a drag boycott of Wonderbra?

Sue-Ellen:- We've never worn Wonderbra anyway and I don't know many drag performers who do, besides Vanessa of course...

Polly:- Oh... and I think Tammy Rammer/PR for ethel yarwood enterprises does.

Sue-Ellen: [*groans]... So I don't know how much difference that would make.  I'm more inclined to employ "subvertising" to stir the pot and get the message across.